About Ratiotec.

Whether Retail Stores, Chain Stores or Banks, we offer a wide range of products that will facilitate your/your employees’ daily work. The return on investment of all ratiotec products can be reached in a short period of time: by saving time in the daily transactions and by reducing the errors. Many leading European companies from the trading and industry sector are already convinced of our vast product range.
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The new Euro.

In 2013 the European Central Bank issued the second series of Euro banknotes. These banknotes will feature improved security features. The 5 Euro banknote was the first banknote of the new “Europa” series introduced in May 2013. As indicated by the ECB, the introduction of new banknotes will be done yearly – the banknotes will be introduced one by one in ascending order. The new 10 Euro banknote will already be introduced on 23th September 2014.