Professional Printing, Packaging and Disposables Services in Malta.

Consumer & HoReCa – EPS/PS/PP/HIPS/OPS, PA/PE, PVC


Our extensive product range caters to the diverse packaging and printing needs of various industries, including food, beverages, and other items. We offer versatile products that encompass a wide range of characteristics, such as different colors, temperature resistance, volume capacity, and flexibility. With a dedicated team of over 50 specialized employees, we possess the expertise and experience required to manufacture, import, and distribute high-quality products to our valued customers, ensuring both value for money and quality disposables.

Flexible Polythene Packaging – LDPE/HDPE/EPI/D²W


Our offerings include flexible polythene packaging and paper carrier bags in various styles, including flat, twisted, and rope handles. These products serve a variety of purposes, such as refuse bags/bin liners, sanitary bags, laundry bags, shopping bags, and general packaging bags for supermarkets and retail outlets. Whether you require high-density or low-density material, including degradable and biodegradable options, we can accommodate your preferences. Additionally, we provide customized printing services to tailor the packaging to your specific requirements.

Flexible Paper Packaging – FSC, PEFC & Eco-label


As for flexible paper packaging, we specialize in producing items such as paper bags, counter rolls, and wrappers. These products can be fully personalized to meet individual needs, offering customized packaging solutions in different sizes. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our use of FSC, PEFC, and Eco-label certified materials for paper packaging, ensuring environmentally friendly choices.

Choose our company for comprehensive packaging solutions, customizable options, and a focus on eco-friendly practices.

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